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Columbus Ambassadors for Christ (CAFC) is a non-denominational Indian Christian Fellowship, At Columbus Ambassadors for Christ (CAFC), Columbus, Ohio, we believe that through serving we glorify God, build up the church and reach out to others.

Most Recent Songs

Karthar Nallavar Thudhiyunga -Jollee Abraham

Karthar Nallavar Thudhiyungal - Jollee Abraham

Instrumental -Bernard Clifford

Instrumental - Bernard Clifford

Anandhame Jaya Jaya - Octet Cantabile

Anandhame Jaya Jaya - Octet Cantabile

Yesu Neenga Yirukayilae

Yesu Neenga Yirukayilae - Fr. Berchmans

Stuthigaye Hum - Sis Mercy Thomas

Stuthigaye Hum - Sis Mercy Thomas

More Songs

Sthothram miga stothram   -Jollee Abraham

Aao Kudha ke Ghar chale   -Jollee Abraham

Aar Ivar aararo  -Jollee Abraham

Polamo polamo payanam polamo   -Jollee Abraham

Yesuvin Raktham Jeyam Jeyam  -Jollee Abraham

Ethra Tholam  - Jollee Abraham

Yehove Dhevan  - Jollee Abraham

Aagum ellam aagum   - Jollee Abraham

En Vuyirana Vuyirana Yesu   - Jollee Abraham

Possible  - Fr. Berchmans

Cloud of Glory welcome you   - Fr. Berchmans

Heal me Oh Lord  - Fr. Berkhmans

Rejoice Rejoice in the Lord  - Fr. Berchmans

I am the Lord that healeth thee   - Jollee Abraham

Blessed Assurance  - CAFC Choir

Blessed be Your Name  - CAFC Choir

Every single cell in my body  - CAFC - Junior Ambassadors

Give thanks   - CAFC Choir

Nothing can ever be the same  - Octet Cantabile

What makes the angels rejoice  - Octet Cantabile

Put your hand in the Hand  - Octet Cantabile

Aiyane Umathu   - Octet Cantabile

Sarva shrushti  - Octet Cantabile

Piano Song  - Octet Cantabile

Enna En Anandham  - Octet Cantabile

Yehovah Yeerae   - Octet Cantabile

Jing jing jing  - Octet Cantabile

Amen Alleluia  - Octet Cantabile

It is well it is well with my soul  - Octet Cantabile

My Lord,my God   - Octet Cantabile

Fusion Instrumental  - Bernard Clifford

Give thanks to the Lord  - Bernard Clifford

My feet are set  - Bernard Clifford

One Way   - Bernard Clifford

Only by your grace   - Bernard Clifford

Redeemed from destruction  - Bernard Clifford

Bayeti   - CAFC Choir

Fear Not   - CAFC Choir

Thangunna Dhivam  - Sis. Mercy Thomas